You are not meant to be poor


I know for most people it is hard to believe that they can live a life full of prosperity and abundance, rather they find it easy to believe that they can fail, live in poverty, or just a life of existing not living. The people you see in your daily life are no different from you, they are not supernatural human beings at all, each of their days has 24 hours, just like your days but the difference comes with what they are doing with those hours.

You have to understand that your time is perishable, and there’s no extra time in your life. Whatever you doing today, make it an ambition to do it to the fullest and make it a success cause today will never come again.


God blessed each and everyone of us differently in a special way that no one is ought to be poor or live in poverty. I believe poverty is not the absence of money in your life but the absence of faith. Through faith, you can turn impossibilities to possibilities. Acceptance of defeating words in your life is something you have to overcome in order to live a faith filled life. The power of faith and fear will only manifest through the words you are feeding on each day.


The quality of your life is determined by what your spirit accepts and focuses on and only you can determine what happens in your life. Maybe someone is responsible for the situation you are in, but they are not responsible for where you are going. The matters of your life will improve if you focus on improving the quality of your heart.

I want you to know this, we all have the seed of greatness within us, and we must make it an effort to feed it with the right nutrients at the right time, that we may harvest a good harvest in due time. You may have been brought up up poor, but you are not  meant to be poor, you may have been brought up with in poverty but you are not meant to live in poverty. Time to man up!!


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