The art of believing

For most of us believing is a word we love to speak about but we don’t practice it. We are like a man looks at the mirror and forgets what he looks like after. I hear people day in and out, either on social networks encouraging people to believe when in turn they themselves don’t believe that they are winners and can become who they desire to be.

How do you start believing ? Believing like playing football, like a child learning to walk, gets better with time and with daily consistent learning, becomes a powerful tool that can make you a success in every sector or circumstance you face in life. The steps you take to empower the art of believing is 1. Choose your circle of friends 2. What you will listen to 3. The questions you ask yourself and 4. what you meditate on.

1. Choose your circle friends : When I was in high school I used to play with friends who all had girlfriends and I didn’t have so to avoid them laughing at me I had to lie claiming to date some of the girls in neighborhood. Understand this, you don’t have to become everything that your friends become. If you waste time comparing yourself with your friends, when they do better than you you will start doubting what you are and in the end you start believing that your friends are better than you. Further, you need  friends that support you, tell you when you are doing right or wrong and friends who support your dreams/visions to produce creative positive results. Friends can either build us or destroy us, they can bring out the best in anybody or the worst in anybody. So its your choice to choose the right friends.

2. What you feeding to : To activate your belief system, you need faith, and faith comes by hearing. Faith is for now, and it needs to be fed daily to give us hope for the future.Over the years when I started listening to motivational audio books, the way I think, talk, dress and my friends all changed cause I was a different person with different values from who I was before I was listening and reading motivational books. I started seeing my life changing greatly cause of what I was feeding my mind to. Teach yourself today to read books, the bible, listen to motivational books and start attending seminars for your self development. All this will help you starve doubt, fear to death and naturally you will be gravitating to what God wants you to be.

3. The questions you ask yourself: Maybe you are alone in your life, maybe there’s no one to take care of you, maybe you were born poor and brought up poor, but know this, all this is subject to change if you start teaching yourself empowering questions. Questions of doubt will make you feel like the weight of the world is on your shoulders. Our thinking is nothing but a series of questions we ask ourselves. God gave us the power to think positively, the power to make our thoughts become. Whatever we see today, was once a thought, a thought that became a dream through someone’s questions which helped them boost their believing in what they wanted to be regardless of what they were facing. Know this, trouble, tribulations and problems comes to everybody, but what matters most is what you do when you facing these tribulations. Do not limit your belief system by asking yourself questions that create doubt.

4.What you meditate on: the meaning of meditate is to focus one’s mind for a period of time, in silence or with the aid of chanting, for religious or spiritual purposes or as a method of relaxation. You need to be focused in your daily life, directing your power and strengths to what you see yourself becoming. Have some self time to relax, in a silent place where you can come to your senses and ease your thinking. Our minds work 24 hours a day, we must give them time to rest so that they can boost their thinking.


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