Don’t limit yourself

No matter where you are from, your dreams are valid. Lupita Nyongo (Actress, Oscar Award Winner)

Most people believe they can fail, they have so much faith and hope that they will never be more than what they are today, that’s just total rubbish. The same strength they use to think negatively, if they can just turn it the other side and start thinking positively they will accomplish more and become better than what they are demonstrating.

I was very touched and moved by Lupita Nyong’o’s speech at the Oscar’s when she said ” no matter where you are from, your dreams are valid.” So many of us we create limitations for ourselves just because of where we are from. Maybe you were born and raised poor, but what I sure know is you are not meant to be poor. Your destiny is worth fighting for, you have to overcome the barriers in your life and start speaking positive affirmations over your life. Changing the way you see your life, from negative to positive, is a hard process but if you speak words of hope daily, and acting on what you speaking, naturally you will start to see tremendous changes in your life. Its very painful, to set your belief system to a winners mind, and in the first days you will be tempted to give up, but I dare you to hold on to your beliefs and keep the good fight of faith.

At one time, I used to believe that I will be a taxi driver the rest of my life, but someone saw greatness in me and dared me to become more and overcome my limitations. Let me remind you that this greatness is in everyone of us waiting to be tapped. There’s no capability difference between I, you and the successful people you see out there. God blessed each human being differently and equally meaning that you were born with great, successful, healthy and to see all this come to pass in your life, you have to start breaking down the limitations in your life. Get associated with people that can feed you with hope, power filled words that can catapult your life to a whole new level.

God’s desire is not for you to be poor, broke or live unhealthy, rather he wants only the best for you, and for his desire’s to start working, you have to start believing and seeing this all come to pass. Don’t allow fear to take over your life, you deserve more than just surviving, just a day to day job, just working so you can put food on the table. change your thinking, become a beautiful creation that used to dream big and good at creativity years back when you were a toddler. Everything we see today was once a thought that could not be seen. So let your thoughts be seen too.


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