See the unseen

Most people find it hard to believe in the unseen when it comes to winning races, achieving dreams, harvesting but they find it easy to see themselves failing, losing, distressing, financially broke. If you are any of these people I double dare you today to shift your eyes and look at the right side. Start seeing yourself out of debt, in love again, healthy, successful. Anything that you want in your life, for it to come to pass you have to see it first, we see, we speak and we receive.

Don’t let your life’s predicaments stop you from seeing yourself out of them. Predicaments, problems, tribulations all have one thing in common, to strengthen you and become a testimony for others to follow. You have the power to see what you desire in your life, and because you can see it, you can achieve it. Someone had to see light in the buildings to invent a bulb, someone had to see moving from point A to B to invent a car. Everything starts by seeing the unseen.

Get up, shake off everything that has been said and done in your life, and start seeing your future shining brighter than what it is now.



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