Are you still following your new year’s resolution list ?

If you are still working on the goals that you said you want to achieve beginning of the year, then HANDS UP TO YOU, but if you know you have given up, or just stopped following through your resolutions list, then you need to read this. 

Let me start by asking you these questions, What is a resolution ? Do you even understand the power that it holds ? A resolution is a determination, a commitment, it’s an act of determining upon an action or course of action, shutting down all that is around you and focusing on one thing that you want to see progress, by the way this is my own definition of how i understand it.

Now that you know what a resolution is, I want to ask you Why you gave up on your resolutions list ? What made you gave up, was it the people around you, your friends family ? or is it because the road to achieve your resolution was very tough and you failed to follow through because you were avoiding pain ? If it was because of the people around you, let me remind you that this life is yours and they have no say in it. Allowing others to control your life is the same as living to fulfill their own desires when yours are never met! Resolutions mostly are positive ones and each year people make them to better their lives but only a FEW follow through and majority gives up by the first quarter of the year. You are who you believe you are, and if you have people in your circle who makes you doubt in your beliefs of achieving the goals that you believed you will achieve this year, then you need to stay away from such circles. You have to understand the power of words people say to you.

If you have given up because it was painful, seemed to big to achieve, then i need you to rethink and get back to the day you wrote or decided to follow on that resolution. Remember the emotions you had beginning of the year, I know you believed that you were going to achieve that audacious vision regardless of how big it is. Understand this, those emotions you had the day you made your resolution, they are there only to serve and save you there by pushing you to work on your resolution and allow it to pull you so much that you will make a must, part of your identity, not allowing you to take giving up as an option.

Learn to follow through, time is perishable, and you owe it to yourself to become the best. Live to make yourself a success. You deserve the audacious good life, but to live it, you have to endure the pain, and never ever give up when its tough, tough times don’t last, but tough people do last. 


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