Your identity controls your behaviour.

Have you ever asked yourself the question  “who am I really?” I remember getting fascinated watching the movie WHO AM I by Jackie Chan. In this movie he struggled to remember his name and therefore it was hard for him to know the kind of a person he is.

For most of us the identities we give ourselves or should I say labels for our identity they drive the outcome results of our day to day experiences. Our belief to our identities definitely controls our behaviour without a doubt. If you believe that you are a winner, even though at some stage you may fail, it’s easier to pick yourself up and learn from the failing phase you faced. But if you believe you are a lousy person, a failure, a no good person, all your day to day behaviors will be driven by your identity and the results always crush you and bring you down because it’s who you believe you are, you believe you are here to fail rather than winning. We have to be careful of the labels we create for ourselves because they have a strong effect on our identity. 

Have you ever dealt with a person who makes a  promise but in the end they don’t do as promised, or someone who tells you they will do something and give you their word but the end result is different ? Obviously we all have dealt with someone like that, and from that day we have created a label for that person, unreliable, undependable, dubious. We will try by all means not to deal with this person in future based on the outcomes of their identity. Whereas on the other hand, we have people that we know their identities, always sticking to their words and acting in a way that creates a positive identity to the people around them. We regard these people as trustworthy, full of integrity and we always have time for them because their identity portraits value for others. Human beings judge people and get to know them just by their actions and behaviours. The results of our lives are determined by our behaviour, who we are as persons will attract opportunities, friends, money, failure. Who we are today is a result of the identities we have been living with over the years.

 Human beings are capable of becoming great and acting in a way of excellency, but what people will do is different from their capabilities. Everyone is capable of changing their identity and start living a new identity. Consider a smoker who quits smoking and never smokes again in his/her life, this person has done a complete change of identity from a smoker to a non smoker. Then there’s another person who says they quit smoking but here and again they find themselves smoking again, why? Because they didn’t change their identity. When you know exactly what you want to achieve it will force you to act in a way that will change your behaviour and actions.

I hope by now you have given a thought of who you are as a person? If not I want you to ask yourself these questions;

  •  who am I ? 
  • What do people see in me ?
  •  What behaviors do I portrait in my day to day life ? 
  • Am I a person who sticks to my words and plans ?
  •  In order to become what I want to be, who do I have to be ?

In a moment of decision making you can change your identity. Your convictions of who you are they define your life. So from today know your convictions, if you look for them you will find them. You are bigger than any challenge in your life, you are a miracle, let your definition of who you are become a miracle to you, because you are a miracle.


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