Pain is a necessity for growth


Growing up i heard so many people saying the common phrase  no pain no gain. It got me to look for the word pain in the dictionary, which I found that it has so many definitions but they all have almost the same meaning. One of the definitions from Wikipedia reads, “Pain motivates the individual to withdraw from damaging situations, to protect a damaged body part while it heals, and to avoid similar experiences in the future.”  This is exciting, pain can really motivate a human being to withdraw from it and plan not to go through it again.

I believe that pain is one of God’s strategies to empower us humans and lead us to the right paths. If it wasn’t for pain, most of us we wouldn’t be where we are today, we wouldn’t have achieved the goals and dreams, we wouldn’t have become better at making decisions. We all have been through stages were we felt that I don’t deserve this, I deserve better, I deserve to be treated like I’m worthy, I deserve to be respected….we felt all this because the pain we went through was so much that it made us feel like our values are not being respected, we felt that we deserve more than we were getting and we all felt this way because of the level of pain we experienced at that moment.Pain at any given level it will make you think of ways not to go through that pain, you will think and plan so that   you don’t go through it again. Many people have ventured into business because they were fed up of the pain they were going through each and everyday at work, working only to put food on the table and pay bills, and not working for the love of it. If it wasn’t for the pain they went through, most would still be in the comfort zone relaxing and not even planning of dreaming something bigger than them.

It’s the pain of being in the dark that made the invention of the light bulbs, it’s the pain of travelling long distances for long hours that made the invention of planes, the list goes on and on. Pain has brought so much growth in our societies and so much technology keeps being invented with the aim of making lives better eliminating pain. To master the uses of pain in our lives, we have to ask ourselves questions of value, questions that can help us create a tomorrow that has no pain. Questions of value will always bring answers of value, but if we ask ourselves lousy questions we will always get lousy answers hence the benefits of pain will never show up. Pain is a necessity for mankind as it helps us become who we are afraid of becoming, pain helps us to grow in ways we never imagined.

From now on when you face pain moments, ask yourself questions that will help you create decisions of overcoming the pain, ask yourself valuable questions, the questions we ask ourselves will help us master the benefit of the pain at hand and overcome it for good.


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