Progress equals happiness


What really makes us happy is not the goals that we strive to achieve, rather it’s who we become when we have achieved the goal. Our progress will always bring joy in our lives hence we will have achieved the level of happiness. Long time happiness or should I say the antidote of happiness is only created when we are making progress at any given point.

If you want to know what makes you happy, you must figure out your current blueprint. What is a blueprint ? Let’s just pause for a while and get in deep with the blueprint! A blueprint is a plan for your life, your purpose, something that no matter what comes your way it energizes you to become better than before and get focused. Our blueprint helps us to make our daily decisions and choices.

When you know your blueprint it’s easier for you to start working on progress which in turn brings happiness. It’s easier to start planning and making decisions, decision making gets better when you know who you are and who you want to become. Our pathway to happiness is created by our daily decisions. Lousy decisions will make us live on the lousy outcomes, but decisions taken by asking the right questions first will bring forth good fruit. Progress requires us to master the process of decision making, which starts by asking empowering questions. Empowering questions will always give you leverage and momentum. Decision making gets easier by asking questions of value first, questions like how best can I do this? What can I learn from this ? Who can I model that once faced what I’m facing now and did it better ? Don’t ask yourself lousy questions, the WHY QUESTIONS!!! Why questions are the best way to demotivate yourself and give you 1000 reasons why you will never progress in your life.


Progress requires faith. Faith is the antidote for all growth of mankind. It is our God given tool that helps us see the big picture ahead of us. Faith is the purchasing currency for your happiness and without it all your plans will be wishes. With faith one can stretch, develop and unleash the giant that is within them. Acting without faith is acting in doubt or fear which in most cases always bring undesirable effects and results. Fear has consequences, and once stuck in it no progress will come from you. Don’t allow yourself to be frozen in fear. When you face fear, learn from it fast, gather up some courage and strength to move on.

Consistency! To progress you have to be consistency in whatever you are doing, or what you working towards to achieve. When you are consistency you get to master what you are working towards to. All growth requires consistency, doing it over and over again, repetition is the mother of skill. Consistency will make you elevate faster and better.

For us to become more progressive, we have to change our level of thinking, the level of thinking that got us to where we are today is not the same level of thinking that will get us to where we want to be tomorrow. We have to be innovative about our life, structure our blueprint and create life strategies that create lasting progress. We have to be committed in who we want to be tomorrow, in a month or years. A committed person is a trustworthy person.


Happiness is not just a feeling, I believe it’s a place where you arrive by being progressive, and I believe it’s meant for every human being. We all have the capabilities to be progressive and be happy. We all are worthy of being happy.



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