Commitment – the key ingredient to success.



If I look back in the past, there are so many goals, visions and unfinished businesses that I didn’t accomplish because I was not committed enough to bring them to reality. (I chose to focus on the pleasure of not being committed and ignore the pain that comes with commitment.)

Commitment is a willingness to give your time, energy to someone or something that you believe in, regardless of circumstances. It is a promise or firm decision to do something. A committed person is a loyal person; people always prefer to work with someone committed because they know the expected results will be delivered. It’s easy to have faith in your work when you are working on it full and extra time to bring it to reality. When you are committed, people tend to believe in you, they prefer to be around you and develop trust in you.

Today many people give up on their dreams, visions, businesses, relationships and so on just because they are not committed enough. Young people dream of being in business but most of them don’t have commitment in getting the right education and skills required to be in business. They expect to become successful overnight but that is just weak wish. When things get tough we give up easily just because of the pain, humiliation or loss. Oh ye of little faith, if you could have faith that no matter what the cost I will hang on, believe in the end result that you are expecting. For most of us, we achieve our dreams and visions after going through massive stages of pain, and I say us because I still go through these stages. Winners are committed always; they don’t focus on what the world says but rather what the inside man says.


5 important factors to raise your commitment level


  1. Determination – the quality of being determined, firmness of purpose, strength of will or strength of character will always help you work on something to make it real. A determined person is a person who always has the end result in mind and works on getting it. Determination is necessary for any success to be achieved.


  1. Loyalty–being loyal means you are faithful, trustworthy or firm in allegiance to a person, cause, dream and vision. Commitment requires us to be loyal to our dreams, our dreams are easy to achieve if we can trust in them. Everyone prefers to be with a loyal person because they rely on his trust for what he/she is doing. Loyalty is a necessary factor to raise your commitment level.


  1. Faith – faith is the purchasing power for our goals. Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. When you have faith, your commitment will not be broken by anything. Faith is a God-given ability that all human beings have, but it needs to be activated by not doubting or wavering on your dream. Faith above all makes your dream easy to commit to.


  1. Decisions – like muscles that grow when we lift weights, so does our power of making decisions. Our path is channelled by our will power of making decisions. It is in our moment of decision making that our goals and visions are achieved. If you decide to work on a vision, project, to get in a relationship or to start a business; stay on it. Don’t give up when the going gets tough, remember the decision you made to in the first place. Our decisions can either bless us or curse us.


  1. Time – Time is one of the most powerful and important resource for all humans. Time is perishable, once gone it can never be restored or recycled. You only have now to work on what’s inside of you and make it real. Time if used wisely can change the quality of your life for a greater good. Commitment to dreams, goals or whatever it is requires time to make it real. Sometimes your dream will require more time to work on it while others are sleeping and giving in every second to sow the seeds before the harvest. Time is something that you will never have back, we all feel good when we use our time wisely and see the results.


I’ve laid a solid foundation for you, it’s up to you now to take what you have learnt from my blog post and use it to strengthen your commitment level. I want to give you a task, write down only five goals/dreams/visions that you failed to work on in the past because of not being committed. Of those five, now arrange them in order of the most important on top, and the least at the bottom. Start working on the first important, activate your faith, remind yourself that you only have now to make it happen, make a bold decision now and get your determination on. This is your set time, rise and shine; you are worth more than you think!


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