A better world can only be created by me, not anyone else. Everything starts with me, it has nothing to do with politicians, my country or where I came from but who I am and who I want to become brings change to my world. I used to be poor, but the day I decided that I don’t want to be poor, the world around me started changing, not because the government had changed, but because I had made a decision to change my mind set. Life is an endless journey of learning, and it’s through those lessons that we become more than what we’ve been before.

My Mission is to help the people around me become more and live a life full of meaning. I believe that young people in Africa have unlimited opportunities to create a life they desire through hard work and perseverance but only a few make it. Through my teachings and speeches, I will touch their hearts and souls to unleash the greatness within them and create a better Africa.


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